Chartering / Leasing via RAVENAIR

RAVENAIR knows very well the obligations and heavy agendas of the managers, and how they run all day long with difficult diary requirements.

That’s why RAVENAIR offers you an innovative service: flying directly to any airport in France or Europe.

Each RAVENAIR customer creates its customized flight, saving a precious time: arrival at the closest airport from the final destination, no connections, no waiting time, simplified security filtering and boarding procedures.

You will be able to fly in a single day a round trip impossible to fly with the traditional airlines.

RAVENAIR offers you a totally personalized service : our team will always find a quick and appropriate answer to your professional or personal travel needs.

Our plane will wait for you, you decide your own departure and arrival time . In case you decide to change your schedules or your destination, we will adapt to your new needs.

We also manage the pick up at the airport and the hotel or car booking on your arrival. No more stress, we take everything in charge in order to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

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