Please read a selection of our testimonials below about our services…

We leased GWMRN to take us into Altenrhein for our skiing holiday in Austria. We were airborne 15 minutes after arriving at the airport. The flight was beautiful an quick…less than 2 hours from Liverpool Airport. We were actually checking into the hotel at the ski resort 3 hours after arriving arriving at Liverpool. The return journey was equally as efficient without having to go through passport control or security on landing. It was great value for money for the 4 of us.

M. Frost

My company had back to back meetings in Slovakia and then in France the next day. There was no way we could squeeze in such an itinerary using commercial flights but were unable to change the date with the main customer. We thought perhaps a chartered plane was an option but were concerned about the cost. Working with Anodyne Air and Ravenair we realised we could do both meetings in a single day and be back in Liverpool that evening.

R. Webster CEO

We were amazed find that the speed and low operating cost of GWMRN delivered economics similar to business class tickets for 3 passengers for the same journey. We then factored in the savings on hotel rooms, hire cars and time to conclude that leasing GWMRN was clearly a more cost effective approach. We left early in the morning.

R. Webster CEO

It was long day but the flights were comfortable and fast. We worked on all legs of the flights and were back in Liverpool the same evening. We now realise that private lease/chartering of a single engine turbo-prop like GWMRN is a great option for a business.

R. Webster CEO